Forgetting your Pills?

Meet MedpeR

Your personal Medicinal helpeR

MedpeR will provide you all the assistance that you need and more! Be it having your medicines on time or tracking your progress, just trust your MedpeR!

Forgatting your Pills?

Meet MedpeR
Your personal Medicinal helpeR

With MedpeR you will get the assitance of consuming your medications on time and monitor your progress hassle free.


Why MedpeR

Do you keep Forgetting your Pills?
Do you Miss your Medicine Doses?
Do you suspect that you have taken a Wrong Dose?
Do you forget to refill before your Stock is Exhausted?
Do you have trouble synchronising your Meals-and-Pills?

Don’t Worry! We got you covered!

Over the past few decades, the speed of life has accelerated exponentially.Hence, it is practically impossible for people to suspend their work for extended periods to care for the elderly or the terminally ill. People have to rely on hired help but they are highly expensive and may not always be entirely dependable. In most cases, the hired helps are not educated enough and as a result the process lacks efficiency.There might be negligence about the consumption of medicine or refilling the stock of scheduled drugs in time.

MedpeR aims at providing a complete Medicinal Adherence system. We aim to reduce the problems of under-dosage and over-dosage of drugs which are usually caused when people miss their medicines or take an improper dose. Our system consists of a hardware unit and an Android app; however, the device can function independently without the app. There is also a system for remote tracking, so that you can take care of your loved one’s medication, where ever you are.
So,Why are you waiting?!!

Some of the Key Features Of MedpeR

Medicine Alarm

With Medicine Alerts and Refill Reminder warnings!

App and Web

Secure Geriatric Friendly App and Web System with Vernacular modes!


Travel proof Portable unit with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access!

Admin Mode

Designed for home care centres and elderly homes to ensure increased medicinal vigilance!

Novel Flexible System

Expandable Range of medicines with Complete Flexibility to Suit Complex Pill Schedules!

Remote Consumption Tracking

A Complete Record of your post prescription journey Accessible Remotely by your loved ones!

The MedpeR App

MedpeR comes with a geriatric friendly mobile App to guide you along your post prescription journey. It works with both Bluetooth and WiFi. Use it to access your own MedpeR or check the consumption data of your loved ones. Download link below!

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